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Examples of Various Stone Milestones


Milestone in Penistone Parish, A628, Barnsley to Manchester
Grid Reference: SE 248 040
National ID: YS_BNMC07
Milestone in Queensbury Parish, A644, Brighouse to Denholme road
Grid Reference: SE 097 306
National ID: YW_BHDE06
Milestone in Leeds Parish, A660, Leeds to Otley. One of the 'Leeds Detail' stones
Grid Reference: SE 268 384
National ID: YW_LEOT04a
Milestone in Shipley Parish, A6038, Otley to Bradford. A Leeds Old Triangle stone
Grid Reference: SE 158 386
National ID: YW_OTBF06
Milestone in Queensbury Parish, A647, Halifax to Bradford
Grid Reference: SE 100 297
National ID: YW_HABF03
Milestone in Womersley Parish, A19, Doncaster to Selby
Grid Reference: SE 566 178
National ID: YN_DNSY09