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Examples of Various 19th Century Milestones


Milestone in Monk Fryston Parish, A63, Selby to Leeds Turnpike Road. A similar style to the Brayshaw & Booth milestones, but were these cast before the creation of the West Riding County Council?
Grid Reference: SE 499 298
National ID: YN_SYLE07
Milestone in Tadcaster Parish, A659 (old A64), Tadcaster to Haltondial Turnpike Road. Similar in style, but the flat form
Grid Reference: SE 484 432
National ID: YN_TCLE00
Milestone in Rossington Parish, A638 (was A1), Doncaster to Bawtry. Milestone made by J. Walkinshaw, Doncaster
Grid Reference: SK 635 987
National ID: YS_DNBW05

Type of milestone used on the roads leading out of Thirsk. The name of the foundry is unknown.

Milestone in Breckonborough Parish, A167, Northallerton to Boroughbridge
Grid Reference: SE 381 837
National ID: YN_NABB07
Milestone in Northalleron Parish, A167, Darlington to Northallerton
Grid Reference: SE_360984
National ID: YN_NADL03
Milestone in Thirsk Parish, B1448 (was A168) Thirsk and Northallerton
Grid Reference: SE_424833
National ID: YN_TKNA01