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Examples of 18th Century Waymarkers


Milestone Society ID YN_DNTC_18a
Milestone in Hillam Parish on Betteras Hill, A 162(old London rd)
Grid Reference: SE 494 290
National ID: YN_DNTC18a
Milestone in York Castle Museum. Formerly on Malton-Pickering road, reading Malton 3 miles.
Removed in the late 19th century
National ID: YN_MAPI03a
Milestone in Full Sutton Parish. A166, York to Garrowby. York 10 miles
Grid Reference: SE 742 564
National ID: YE_YODR10
Milestone in Flixton Parish on former line of A1039, on the road to Hunmanby
Grid Reference: TA 039 795
National ID: YN_MAHY17
Guidestone on B1228, Elvington Parish. Are there any more like this to be found on this route?
Grid Reference: SE 697 480
National ID: YN_XELV
Milestone in Kirby Hill, B6265 (formerly A1), Boroughbridge to Piercebridge, in the car park of the Blue Bell Inn
Grid Reference: SE 389 683
National ID: YN_BBGB01